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About Us

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" 

Centre Philosophy

We believe that every child is unique and talented
in their own way and the importance of a child
growing up-knowing that they are loved, safe and

secure in our school-Is imperative.

We value the beliefs, cultures and individuality of
each family in our school and we appreciate the
importance of what every family wants to instil in
their child’s upbringing in shaping them into the
best version of themselves through positive play,
positive reinforcement and respect for one


We encourage manners, respect and a healthy
lifestyle through movement and agility classes and
a healthy diet that is created from education and
experiences within the centre’s teachings.
We want our children to learn natural life skills that
will help them succeed and cope with the
challenges that they may experience in everyday
life,  by having the confidence to believe and prepare themselves for their everyday milestones.

We are not merely a school, we are a family
working together to help one another experience
exciting stepping stones throughout their early
years. We trust that together as parents and
teachers we can achieve the very happiest of
children that come to the Kandies Kids family.

Family Owned

Our family-owned and directed facility means that your child can feel like they're arriving at a home away from home. We offer a family-orientated learning space to help your child socialise and learn in a comfortable environment. No matter what stage of the learning process they're in, they'll be sure to enjoy visiting us !

Experienced & Qualified

All of our staff are highly-trained, qualified and experienced in children's education and care. We have over 20 years hands-on experience and opened our first kindergarten facility in 2000. From there, we have grown to become a well-known and trusted education facility for children of various ages !

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